Maintenance Package (Botanicaire)

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Have you seen our testimonials yet? We're stoked to have these AWESOME REVIEWS by our customers! We would like to offer you our specialised services of providing you this exclusive offer now if you're an existing Botanicaire customer!

Customers Testimonials

What we provide?

1 year extended warranty (covers all electronic parts and defects, TnC applies)

 Personalised services right to your doorstep to deliver your plant sushi and carbon pack, share and teach all about Botanicaire and plant sushi care!

 A total of 16 x Plant Sushi's (Yes! 16 plants!) worth $160 over the course of 1 year!

 A total of 4 x Carbon Packs worth $40 over the course of 1 year!

 Affordable Manpower and travelling costs inclusive to come down at allocated timing arranged with you! 

 Includes maintenance of 1 x Botanicaire unit per MP package (4 times a year) signed!

What are your Benefits?

  • We bring down the plants for you to choose!
  • At the convenience of the comfort of your home!
  • You don't have have the disappointment of being unable to find certain plants you wanted!
  • Don't have green fingers? Fret not, we share with you expert tips to care for your plants and Botanicaire!

Basic Bundle : Red Fittonia, Green Fittonia, Spider Plant, Syngonium
An all time common bundle that usually comes with the full Botanicaire air detoxifier unit! Free up your thoughts on choosing each plant individually and select this hassle-free choice bundle at 5% discount

Popular Choice: Red Fittonia, Zen, Spider Plant, Gold
An all time popular choice bundle which most users always get! A balance of Negative-Ion Producing Plant, Carbon Monoxide removal capability and decorative and effective combination 

Super 4: Spider Plant, Zen, Snake Plant, Mother-In-Law Tongue
A powerful combination for Haze removal through negative ion plants and carbon monoxide removal plants great for the bedroom

Auspicious Bundle: Money Tree, Zen, Mother-In-Law-Tongue, Lucky Bamboo
Combination of Auspicious plants used in Botanicaire Feng Shui, as well as air purifying properties that best removes VOCs in living rooms!

P.S. We will call you as soon as you've made payment to arrange an appointment down!