Botanicaire Air Detoxifier Advance

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Botanicaire is a leading-edge air detoxifier/purifier that integrates Mother Nature's intrinsic power, advanced technology and aesthetic beauty into a single device. Its proven efficacy of removing harmful VOCs, dust particles and odour makes Botanicaire a must-have for any home or office looking for top-notch indoor air quality. 

-Fits 4 Plant Sushi's
-Basic Bundle, Popular Choice Bundle, Super 4 Bundle, Auspicious Bundle
-Able to cover up to 300 sq ft
-Contains an Activated Carbon Pack
-Touch Screen Function
-Acts as a night light (Contains 3 Lighting Intensity Settings)
-3-Speed Fan control
-1 x Remote Controller included
-1 year Electronic Parts Warranty (T&C Applies)
- Glass Marble Stones Not included

Basic Bundle : Red Fittonia, Green Fittonia, Spider Plant, Syngonium
An all time common bundle that usually comes with the full Botanicaire air detoxifier unit! Free up your thoughts on choosing each plant individually and select this hassle-free choice bundle at 5% discount

Popular Choice: Red Fittonia, Zen, Spider Plant, Gold
An all time popular choice bundle which most users always get! A balance of Negative-Ion Producing Plant, Carbon Monoxide removal capability and decorative and effective combination 

Super 4: Spider Plant, Zen, Snake Plant, Mother-In-Law Tongue
A powerful combination for Haze removal through negative ion plants and carbon monoxide removal plants great for the bedroom

Auspicious Bundle: Money Tree, Zen, Mother-In-Law-Tongue, Lucky Bamboo
Combination of Auspicious plants used in Botanicaire Feng Shui, as well as air purifying properties that best removes VOCs in living rooms!

*Fishes are for display purposes and are not included*