FAQs - The Botanicaire Air Detoxifier

Botanicaire Air Detoxifier - Care & Operations Manual


How does Botanicaire work?

Botanicaire uses a patent pending airflow system to draw air in from the recommended space of 200 sq ft/300 sq ft/500 sq ft.  The air is firstly moved through our activated carbon filter where odor is eliminated, and from there is sucked down into the water reservoir where the dust, particulates, and other airborne pollutants are contained, especially gases known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  In  the reservoir, water soluble VOCs such as Formaldehyde are dissolved, while the non-water soluble VOCs attempt to escape by rising upwards, where they are absorbed by our organic filtration system which includes our proprietary probiotic microbes and specialized plants.  The air then re-circulates into the room via four openings above the “Plant Sushi”.

For maximum VOC removal, 9-24 hours of daily use is recommended.

What makes Botanicaire different from regular air purifiers?

Botanicaire is different in that it is not only a device that purifies your air of dust, particulates, and odor, but is also the world’s first biological air detoxifier specifically designed to detoxify your air of dangerous chemicals known as VOCs.  It does this through the use of a dynamic air-flow device, followed by specialized plant species, and proprietary probiotic microbes contained within porous stones called Nuvoc Microbes Special Clay, which reside in our “Plant Sushi” organic filtration cartridges.

What are Volatile Organic Compounds?

Volatile Organic Compounds or “VOCs” are specific types of gases that come from virtually all man-made products, especially paints and furnishings.  These VOCs are harmful to human health and are known to be primarily responsible for the conditions referred to as “Sick Building Syndrome” or SBS, and “Building Related Illness” or BRI.  The short term health effects of exposure to these toxic gases can include headaches, nausea, and dizziness. The effects of long term exposure are much more serious and can include Liver disorder, Kidney disorder, Leukemia and other blood cancers, and even death in severe exposure cases.

What are “microbes” and are they safe?

“Microbe” is another term for bacterium, or bacteria. There are pathogenic (harmful) and probiotic (beneficial) bacteria around us. Probiotic bacteria help us in many ways, whether in making cheese and yogurt, or being used in the fermentation of alcohol, and even curing water in your local water treatment plant.  The probiotic bacteria in Botanicaire are specifically profiled in the laboratory and are especially chosen for their ability to remove toxic gases, in addition to being safe for human exposure.

Is Botanicaire difficult to take care of?

Botanicaire is a low maintenance device and (thanks to our self-watering system) the product requires no watering once the plants have adjusted to the wick inside the water reservoir.  Adding water to Botanicaire is as simple as removing the top cover and pouring the water directly into the reservoir to the “Max” mark. Occasionally you might also need to clean the water reservoir as the dust and particulates collected there will build up over time. The plant cartridges or Plant Sushi will also need to be replaced once every three to six months, depending on usage.

Can Botanicaire be safely changed, including the plants and stones?

Botanicaire cannot be safely or effectively used with any combination other than the microbes and plants of In Vitro’s “Plant Sushi”, as the plants and bacteria in our Plant Sushi are chosen specifically for their superior characteristics and VOC removal capabilities.

Can Botanicaire be placed in the garden and does it require sunlight?

Botanicaire is a self-lighted device (via 12V AC adaptor) due to the plants being indoor plants that require very little light, and the bacteria, which die when exposed to U.V. light.  Botanicaire therefore does not require sunlight, and sunlight is in fact damaging to the components.

Does Botanicaire come with a warranty?

Botanicaire comes with a three years manufacturer’s warranty for the electronic parts only. However, the warranty will be voided if non-original Plant Sushi cartridges are used.

What else can Botanicaire do?

In addition to all of the above, Botanicaire is also capable of supporting an activated charcoal add-on, which greatly improves the odor removal capability of the device.  The water reservoir of Botanicaire can also be used either for aromatherapy, by adding essential oil directly into the water or as a unique aquarium to rear fish.

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