Botanicaire Advance to FS Upgrade

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We've heard you! Got a Botanicaire Advance unit in your home? Want a bigger coverage of your airspace and perhaps have some fishes in there as well? Or perhaps even treat yourself to some organic essential oils in your home? This is for you!

Get an upgrade just right here! And we'll be there to do it for you!

Have you seen our testimonials yet? We're stoked to have these AWESOME REVIEWS by our customers! We would like to offer you our specialised services of providing you this exclusive service now if you're an existing Botanicaire customer!

Customers Testimonials

What Do We Provide?

 Increased oxygen content for fishes

 Installing a centrifugal component for increased coverage efficiency
a) Advance to FS Upgrade (300sqft to 500sqft!) *Thats 2 Master Bedroom sizes!* 

 Have the function to dim or turn off the lights if its too glaring!

 Change the speed of the fans with the 3-speed function so it isn't loud while you're sleeping!

 Personalised service to bring down the parts to have it upgraded for you!


What Are Your Benefits?

  • We bring down the plants for you to choose! (Since we're coming down)
  • At the convenience of the comfort of your home!
  • You don't have have the disappointment of being unable to find certain plants you wanted!
  • We share with you expert tips to care for your Botanicaire!
  • Finally, you would have made a NEW FRIEND! ;)

P.S. We will call you as soon as you've made payment to arrange an appointment down!